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Company Name Standard Website Location Prefix Cert Scope
Airwork Technical Services and Partners L.L.C ISO 9001:2000 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman QS 1241 Resource Management and Support Services
Al Barami Building Materials & Trading LLC ISO 9001:2008 Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman QS 3154 Trading of building materials and related services. Road marking services including the supply road furniture
Al Fajar Al Alamia Co. (S.A.O.G) ISO 9001:2000 Jibroo, Sultanate of Oman QM 1272 Manufacture and sale of explosives and related activities
Al Sumri Trading & Contracting Est ISO 9001:2008 Al Khuwair, Sultanate Of Oman QS 2019 The provision of passenger commuting and management services.
Dalma Energy & Co (L.L.C) ISO 9001:2008 Mina-Al-Fahal, Oman QS 1275 Management of Contract Services and Drilling Rigs in International Shore Based Oil and Gas Drilling/ Workover Operations at Base Rig Locations.
Enhance ISO 9001:2008 Azaiba, Sultanate Of Oman QS 2421 To manage and operate forecourt convenience sotres and the provision of related services, at strategic locations throughout the Sultanate of Oman
Hisham Hassan Al-Jamali Transport Est ISO 9001:2008 Al-Ghubrah, Sultanate of Oman QS 1270 Road Transport and Logistical Support Services
Lalbuksh Voltas Engineering Services & Trading L.L.C ISO 9001:2008 Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman QS 1269 Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Drilling, Irrigation, Landscaping and Water Pollution Control Systems.
Mondi Oman LLC ISO 9001:2008 Rusayl, Sultanate of Oman QM 2937 The Manufacture, Sale & Distribution of Multi-Wall Paper Bags of various sizes, Types, Capacities, Plies etc. For Packaging Purposes.
National Hospitality Institute ISO 9001:2008 Wadir Kabir, Sultanate of Oman QS 1283 Design, Development and delivery of Internationally Recognised Hospitality, Catering and Travel Services Training Programmes.
National Training Institute L.L.C ISO 9001:2000 Madinat Qaboos, Sultanate of Oman QS 1274 Design, Development and Delivery of: Health, Safety and Enviromental Training, Technical, Transport and Craft Training, I.T., Commercial and Management Training. Recruting and Consultancy Services in Training, Development and Employment. Management of Training Facilities. Provision of Business Support Services for Group Companies.
O.O.M.C.O Al-Maha J.V. Terminal ISO 9001:2008 Mina Al Fahal QS 1281 Operation of Fuel StorageTerminal for Distribution.
Oman Oil Industry Supplies & Services Co. LLC ISO 9001:2008 ISO 14001:1996 Un-Accredited, OHSAS 18001:1999 Un-Accredited Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman QS 1284 Supply and Delivery of Energy Industry Equipment, Services and Products, Including the Weatherford Baroid.. Security DBS (Coring Division), Sperry Sun and Hughes Christensen Brands, Instrumentation, Electrical Products, Chemicals, Safety Products, Personal Protective Equipment and Piping Materials.
Renaissance Services S. A. O. G ISO 9001:2008 Muttrah, Sultanate of Oman QS 1276 Catering, Cleaning, Laundry and Support Services to Oilfield Camps, Worksites, Universities, Schools and Hospitals.
Salem Al Barami Steel Industries L.L.C. ISO 9001:2008 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman QM 1273 Manufacture and Supply of Steel Reinforcement Mesh and Engineering Mesh.
Shanfari Readymix & Crushers L.L.C. ISO 9001:2008 C. P. O Seeb QM 1263 Design, Development, Production and Supply of Ready-Mixed Concrete and Mortars.
Technical Drilling & Blasting Co. ISO 9001:2008 Fujairah, UAE QM 3832 Excavation services, drilling & blasting operations for civil purposes
TECHNICAL SERVICES & ROCK BLASTING CO. LLC ISO 9001:2008 Sultanate of Oman QM 2510 Rock drilling and blasting services.
Technique L.L.C ISO 9001:2008 Muscat, Sultanate of Oman QS 1292 Supply of Defence Equipment and Systems with Logistic support. Supply, Distribution and Repair of Military and Commercial Vehicles and Waste Disposal Equipment. Supply and Distrabution of Automotive/Aircraft/Marine and Protective Paints, Lubricants and Spare Parts. Metal and Fibreglass Fabrication and Design of A/ C Equipment Systems and Installation. Automotive Workshop, Car Rental and Leasing, Tours and Transportation Services.
The Shaksy Group LLC ISO 9001:2008 Muscat, Sultanate Of Oman QS 1285 Construction and related services.
Windows 2000 ISO 9001:2008 Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman QM 1278 Design, Manufacturing and Supply of UPVC Windows and Doors

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