Friday 24th June 2016

We are pleased to announce that Czech Logistic Alliance (CZ) s.r.o. Has successfully been certified to ISO 9001:2015. The audit was carried out at the office in Prague where the system was found to be well implemented. The Management and Staff were all involved in the process and this was evidence of both the Leadership and Awareness required by the new standard.

This is also a new territory for WQA which is part of the efforts to be truly Worldwide.
Wednesday 15th June 2016 We have completed our annual UKAS Head Office assessment and this was very successful. A very positive approach was taken by the UKAS Assessors and many opportunities were identified to improve the already well established system. Lorna, our General Manager played a very important role in the process and will now take the lead in maintaining both the system and accreditation.

All employees play a role in the UKAS accreditation process and have clearly done well based on the latest assessment. Well Done to all.
Thursday 12th May 2016 I am pleased to announce that there have been some role changes within the company. These have been made in order to ensure that we continue to grow and progress.

Lorna Myers has been promoted to General Manager with immediate effect and will take on more responsibility within the business.

Congratulations to Rebecca Thomas who has recently passed her driving test. Rebecca will retain her current title but will expand her role within the company and will now be dealing direct with the customers on site.
Tuesday 8th March 2016 Please note all email addresses have changed.

The following are now in force;

These are the new email addresses with immediate effect.
Sunday 7th February 2016 All WQA Assessors have now completed formal training in the new 2015 Management System Standards. This was completed at the Head Office where all Assessors could attend. Completing the training in one group allowed for Assessors to have a common understanding of the revisions and how they should be applied.
All of our Assessors are able to answer your questions and discuss your transition requirements.
We look forward to working with you through the transition process.
Monday 14th December 2015 WQA have had a fantastic 2015 and it has not ended yet. We have completed a full year in our new offices and they have proven to be just what was needed.

A number of new customers and current customers increasing their requirements has required more resource within the business. This has been achieved by going external to the company and training within the company.
The focus is now on assisting all customers with the transition to the new ISO standards.

We would like to wish all customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It is also important to thank all of our customers for their business in 2015 and look forward to growing with them all in 2016.
Wednesday 25th November 2015 WQA carried out the first CDI-MPC Tank Container Operator Assessment in South Africa. M&S Logistics are the first company to have completed a CDI-MPC TCO Assessment in Africa and it was carried out by Daniel Raymond of WQA. The M&S Logistics office in Durban, South Africa was audited against the CDI-MPC question paper and the overall result was good. There was a good level of compliance across all sections of the question paper. The office was also assessed and successfully certified to ISO 9001 and 14001.
Thursday 1st October 2015 ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 have officially been launched and are available to purchase.

WQA have made arrangements with UKAS to manage the transition process and it is expected that WQA will issue their first certificates in early 2016. We will be working with all customers to get them transferred at a pace that suits their business. Any questions can be directed to WQA about the new standards and the transition period.
Thursday 1st October 2015 Steel River Consultants Ltd are no longer certified to any ISO/OHSAS standards by WQA. The logos still remain on their website but they are not certified by WQA.
Monday 17th August 2015 In July we had our annual UKAS Head Office assessment that covers all areas of the certification process including Assessor Competence.

There were some minor findings raised but overall a good assessment and a positive summary provided by UKAS. The office staff were especially good at assisting the UKAS Assessors and were a large part of the success.

Following that we had a witness assessment in August by UKAS at one of our UK clients. This assessment was completed by one of UKAS' Technical Assessor's. The overall result was positive with no issues being raised.

The results provide evidence of our continued commitment to providing a First Class and Professional Service to our clients while implementing the processes required by ISO17021.

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